"Family homes" : a basic two bedroomed home for 6 children and one carer couple costs US$7000. A double housing unit for 16 children and carer couple costs US$18000. (The basic two bedroomed home takes two weeks to build with a team of local volunteers, and the double unit up to one month.)

"Family Villages" : consisting of clusters of 'Family Homes' built on community land made available by local authorities. The core concept of these villages is that they become self-supporting through the provision of boreholes, and the development vegetable gardens, orchards, and small livestock.(For example a “family village” comprising two double housing units and one single, providing for 40 children and the 3 carer couples, costs US$47000).

US$1000 provides an orphaned child with a secure home and community family environment.

Kitchen/Dining Unit : for a cluster of 3 Family Homes, catering for the 48 housed children, and 50 local children in need: costs US$15000.

Community Care Centres : an administration office and store-room, to facilitate community programs reaching out to children at risk in their own homes, such as child-headed families, and those living with the elderly or sick who are unable to provide adequate care.

Micro-Enterprise Centre : a Storeroom and work area to support community-owned micro-enterprises, which help provide for orphans. This initiative regenerates local economic activity, and also provides skills and apprentiships to orphans who have no acces to schooling.

CCDI builds not only 'family homes' and 'family villages', but the capacity of local community to ensure NO ONE goes without food or shelter.