CCDI has many requests for help and advice for ventures providing for orphaned children, from both rural and township communities:

Forthcoming partnerships for which we need funding:

Development of a ‘Family Village’: Svisvi Community, Gokwe

Gokwe, in the remote north west of Zimbabwe, has seriously suffered from the effects of hiv/aids: traditionally families have between 5 and 7 children. Because of the HIV mortality amongst parents, many children have been left without care. The community has formed the "Svisvi Family Village Development Association" to help address their needs. Fertile land approximately 1 by 2 kms in extent has been allocated by the local authority for a "Family Village". The land has artesian water, making it ideal for an agricultural venture to feed and provide for 50 of the most vulnerable children, and to provide for others within the community.

Development of a ‘Family Village’: Mt Darwin Community, Gomo village

"Gomo Community Association": The local authority has allocated 10 hectares of fertile land with river frontage and year-round water, suitable for commercial vegetable production, to the local Community Church committee who are hoping to build a "Family Village" for destitute children, based on our "Family Village" model. As with other similar community ventures, the Association plans to accommodate initially 50 of the most vulnerable children, and assist those in the community through the vegetable growing scheme.

Development of a ‘Family Village’: Nyanga Community, 300 kms east of Harare

"Nyakupinga Development Association": Existing farmhouse, outbuildings and 20 hectares of fruit trees and arable land for a "Family Home" and school for orphaned children. The elected committee has the support of the surrounding small scale farmers who have agreed to supply the " Family Home" with produce. An initial group of 50 children to be housed, increasing capacity as the Home becomes established. The committee plans to reach out to the hundreds of vulnerable children remaining in the community with food aid and access to schooling.

Kuwadzana (Harare):

Community organization: Apostolic Church of Pentecost, Kuwadzana: A church-based community organization raising funds and providing food for orphans in the community through their Women's Sewing Club and a community vegetable garden on land made available by the Local Council. They also plan to make school uniforms and items in African fabrics for sale in the Tambira Galleries.

We are seeking funds to commence these projects. Please contact us for information.

Planned Fund raising events:

New York - May 2012:

A presentation of the CCDI charity, followed by a cocktail and jazz concert.

London/Paris - September 2012:

A presentation of the CCDI charity, followed by a cocktail and concert.