The goal of our website is to show that it is possible, that communities can do it!

The idea of cooperation has been behind the success of our projects. As it is only a combination of social and economic solutions that can provide for such large numbers of orphans, this factor is key in our strategy for essential grassroots development.

CCDI gets good results for the amount of funding put in, because we have minimal overheads and many motivated people on the ground. The goal of our website is to generate the funding necessary for the projects, and respond to the growing demand on our small though efficient organization.

We hope that the extensive photographic content on our website will give potential donors a window on to an overlooked situation in Zimbabwe, and the means to help better the lives of our disadvantaged children.

This is our passion, helping to fuel the process through rebuilding local community life, where orphaned children have a place, an identity and the promise of a meaningful future.