Communities as providers

The crisis of responsibility for orphaned and vulnerable children is having the effect in many communities of building solidarity. Working together to provide for children builds confidence within communities to tackle their own self-development, head-on.

The tradition of community in Zimbabwe is a powerful model for sustainable local development. Social, trading and agricultural networks, which remain in most communities, have the potential to become viable local economies. We believe that supporting local community initiatives is the surest road to achieving greater social and economic justice.

Facilitating self-development

Communities, however poor, are full of ingenuity. Their adaptive capacity, and their traditional and local knowledge are major assets. We believe passionately in this potential, and our aim is to facilitate its development through supporting the growing combination of community solidarity and practical action for children.

Through practical action for children

We act as partners, advisors, co-workers, helping communities identify and utilize their resources for maximum benefit. Starting with PEOPLE and team participation, we build infrastructure such as 'Family Homes' and 'Family Villages' providing orphaned children with a nurturing environment. In parallel we develop food security through expanding and diversifying agricultural productivity. We also promote local entrepreneurship utilizing local resources and supplying local needs.