A not-for-profit volunteer initiative begun in 2007

We are zimbabweans working with motivated local communities

Our goal is to provide a lifeline for Zimbabwe’s orphaned children, helping them to remain in their own communities where they have an identity, a sense of belonging, and links with friends and surviving family; and to overcome any stigma they may have suffered through association with hiv/aids.

To supply the resources to rebuild a "community family life"

We source funding and inputs from our partners, for housing, and for boreholes. We also source the means to help communities establish community-owned micro-enterprises, building their capacity to ensure that every "Family Home" or "Family Village" we build for orphaned and vulnerable children can meet it's basic needs, particularly a stable supply of food and water.

Through partners and a network of concerned people on the ground

One of our strengths is a wide network of motivated people on the ground, enabling us to reach remote and often very marginalised communities. We link with over 100 rural and township churches, which share the lives of people and their daily struggles.
The Christian church is the most far reaching institution of Zimbabwean civil society, and serves as our "internet" permitting struggling marginalised communities to contact us or us to contact them.

We act as partners, advisers and facilitators to communities, and because of the increasing demands on our small organization of volunteers, we have in 2011 launched ourselves as a not-for-profit Trust, registered in Zimbabwe, France and the United Kingdom.