Tambira Galleries

Opened June 2011 in Harare, Tambira Galleries* features on-going exhibitions of Zimbabwean contemporary sculpture and painting. As part of our program to promote artistic heritage in all mediums, we present also traditional and contemporary crafts from partner communities throughout the country.

The opening exhibitions include the private collection of the late Director of the National Gallery of Zimbabwe and benefactor of the arts, Professor Cyril Rogers, and his late wife Betty.

The Galleries are situated in an unusual 'jungle' garden in the heart of Harare, and feature also our 'Wild Tree Coffee Shop'.

Artworks will be on sale in the gallery and in time on the gallery website. All profits made by Tambira Galleries will go to fund community projects for orphan children.

*Tambira - 'welcome' in Shona, a major language of Zimbabwe

Arts Programme (Initiated in 2011)

Zimbabwe has a wide reputation for the expressive qualities of its contemporary arts. The legendary heritage of stone sculpture stems from a powerful use of line and volume. We also have strong tradition of graphics and works on paper.

Although there is little opportunity for formal training, artists are found in every community, sculptors, poets, song-writers, musicians and those skilled in the many traditional crafts.

We aim to promote public and private patronage to support this rich heritage. The arts are important in maintaining the transmission of cultural values, and the hiv/aids epidemic has led to a serious generational gap, with the resultant loss of skills and traditions. Through our apprenticeship program in communities, we aim to encourage mentorship of young artists and craft workers.

Celebrating Philanthropy

An important part of our role in promoting social innovation is supporting the philanthropic vision of outstanding Zimbabweans who are contributing to uplifting their communities.

We are proud to be participating partners with the Dominic Benhura Foundation, in developing a School of Art on the grounds of the Foundation premises, just outside of Harare.

Dominic Benhura is well known as a leading Zimbabwean sculptor with an international standing. His vision is to establish a School of Art in Zimbabwe, offering opportunities to talented, up and coming young artists, particularly those who are orphaned and/or hiv positive.