All donations go directly into local, community-owned ventures

Because of our small overheads, even a small contribution makes a big difference when going directly into CCDI sponsored projects.

Donate financially

Our investments range from US$18,000 for a 'Family Home,' US$6000 for a borehole and pump in a remote area, to amounts of under US$100 for household income generating projects.

Donate in kind

Sports equipements and books for exemple, make big differences to children's lives. Concrete and building materials too!.

Purchase Zimbabwean arts from Tambira Galleries

Opened in Harare in May 2011, the Galleries will be online from September 2011.

Get involved

As the concept of local, sustainable living becomes topical throughout the world, communities in Zimbabwe have insight and experience to share.

Join us as volunteer

Share your time and skills! Later this year we plan to offer the opportunity for visitors to live and work for a time with our partner communities.

Stay in touch

To receive our newsletter (starting October 2011), or follow our news bulletin, join our mailing list, and share facts, views and experiences.

Share with others

Through facebook or by emailing our website to your friends.

We need your help to answer the fast-growing demands on our small organization.

TINO GONA ! - LETS GET IT RIGHT! (Shona proverb)

Large investments:

US$1000 provides an orphaned child with a secure home and community family environment.

“Family Homes": a basic two bedroomed home for 6 children and one carer couple costs US$7000. A double housing unit for 16 children and carer couple costs US$18000.

"Family Villages" : consisting of clusters of 'Family Homes'. For example a “family village” comprising two double housing units and one single, providing for 40 children and the 3 carer couples, costs US$47 000.

Kitchen/Dining Unit : for a cluster of 3 Family Homes, catering for the 48 housed children, and 50 local children in need: costs US$15000.

Community Care Centres : an administration office and store-room, to facilitate community programs reaching out to children at risk in their own homes US$7000.

Micro-Enterprise Centre : a storeroom and work area to support community-owned micro-enterprises providing for orphans costs US$6000.

Small investments:

Your donation could buy:
- a dozen baby chickens for a family to start a chicken run
- vegetable seeds and garden tools, starter packs for food crops, fencing for community vegetable gardens (to keep out livestock), seedlings for orchards
- a water tank for water storage and irrigation
- bicycles, a valuable commodity in remote areas faced with transport problems
- an oil press for Jatropha seed oil, producing soap and fuel for oil lamps
- a hand sewing machine for women's co-operatives.


$350 pays for a 2 week intensive training course at Foundations for Farming, equipping one of our Youth Coordinators to train the community in 'zero tillage' and more productive agricultural practices.

Contribute to the valuable work of our Youth Coordinators -

young men and women, orphans themselves, who work with the children in our projects - and donate sports equipment such as soccer balls, sports clothes, a volley ball and net.

Sports play an important role in building the confidence of children who have suffered physical and emotional trauma in the loss of parents through hiv/aids.

Donations by Paypal:

We are officially registered with PayPal as a not-for-profit trust.

CCDI is registered as a charity in France (and soon in the UK) - thus you can also donate by check.

Our representative boards in Europe serve also to facilitate these donations, and ensure transparency. Dont hesitate to request the necessary document for the tax reduction related to your donation!